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Kate’s Story

Born and raised in Victoria, Kate fell in love with Tasmania the first time she visited in 1971. In 1988 Kate sea changed to Swansea on Tasmania’s magnificent East Coast where she found her 10 acre dream property overlooking sea and mountains.

Kate then faced the challenge of creating hearth, home and income on the smell of an oily rag.

With an open mind, a commitment to hard work, an unshakable faith in her own ability, and in true pioneering spirit, Kate turned the soil, taught herself how to build and from posts, beams, mud and concrete created what is today Kate’s Berry Farm.


It was a serendipitous conversation with Alexander Shaw, a young local farmer who was unable to sell his small crop of raspberries, that sowed the seed of a berry farm business.

“I thought it was a travesty that the only berries sold on the East Coast were imported from interstate,” says Kate. “Tasmania was famous for its berry fruits!”

Its cool climate berries develop slowly and in doing so fully achieve the ultimate in flavour, juice, colour and texture.

In Hobart’s early years the smell of cooking jams wafted over the city from Henry Jones IXL factory located right on the wharf. The hills around Hobart and to the south were filled with row upon row of succulent raspberries, strawberries and red and black currants.

An opportunist with business acumen and an awareness of the East Coast’s rapidly growing tourism reputation, Kate quickly saw the potential for a unique cottage venture.

Kate set out to produce supreme quality fruit grown without the use of chemicals. She became a farmer and quickly achieved a reputation for producing outstanding quality berries.

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